Red Gully Operations and Maintenance


Operations & Maintenance:
Red Gully Gas Pipeline and Processing Facility

Empire Oil & Gas

Gingin, Western Australia

Work with client to deliver scopes successfully

Scope of Work:

  • Commissioning Activities
    • Commissioning Strategy
    • Commissioning Schedule
    • Commissioning of the separable portions of the Facility
  • Operations and Maintenance
    • Provide input to the completion of the Operational Safety Case and Operational Environment Management Plan for submission to the Regulator
    • Commissioning Plan for submission to Regulator
    • Comply and conform with the prevailing Legislation and Regulations for the operations and maintenance of a Petroleum Pipeline and Processing facility in the State of Western Australia and Commonwealth
    • Provide qualified and competent permanent personnel to ensure safe, environmentally acceptable and reliable commissioning, Operations and Maintenance of the facilities
    • Provide systems and processes to operate and maintain the plant