Remote Telemetry Units

Upstream PS provides an array of Monitoring and Control System Products and Services.  Our systems are flexible and can be configured for various data systems with optional hosting services provided by Upstream PS.

Our module mounted HMI and PLC control design is simple yet effective for remote field monitoring. Complimented by a solar powered, battery backup system and completed with robust 3G, satellite or radio communications including data logger linked to the client’s main database, it provides secure monitoring of the equipment in the field.

  • Product Suitability Assessment and Concept Review
  • Robust safety shutdown and protection systems
  • Programming Safety Systems and Control PLC and HMI
  • Manufacture of the stand-alone module, including wiring of equipment and function testing.
  • Construction, wiring and testing of RTU and skid junction box panels.
  • EXd certified personnel ensure all equipment and installation is compliant.
  • Pre-FAT and FAT execution internally and with the client.
  • Installation, Commissioning and Training.