Our People


Learning and Development 

We recognise that the calibre, competence and engagement of our employees is vital to remaining a successful company providing an effective service to our clients. We actively facilitate ongoing employee development through training and learning opportunities both on and off the job.  Our objectives are as follows: 

  • Develop and grow our talent 

  • Optimise the uniqueness of people, through learning and to achieve the desired business outcomes 

  • Continuous enhancement of the learning processes to ensure all employees have an equal opportunity to achieve and reach their full potential 

  • Create a learning climate where learning is a continuous process; this means a leadership style that helps everyone take responsibility for their own development, resulting in an eagerness to develop oneself as well as providing others with learning opportunities 


We are committed to recruitment and selection decisions based on the principle of merit. To recruit and select the best available candidates, all vacancies are advertised to encourage a quality pool of competitive internal and external candidates from diverse backgrounds.  Our objectives are as follows: 

  • Recruitment process is underpinned by the principles of merit, equity and transparency 

  • Support a fair and effective selection process free of discrimination 

  • Attract and retains high performing staff to achieve the company’s strategic goals 

  • Select candidates giving consideration to the future talent needs of the business 

  • Engage the right people and for the right job 

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