Santos - MIC Project

Scope of Work

Upstream PS were engaged to plan, schedule, coordinate and execute pipework and vessel inspections and, where necessary, fabricate, replace or repair following detection of microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC) in both upstream and downstream pipe spools and separator vessels across various remote assets for Santos in the Surat Basin.

MIC (microbiologically influenced corrosion) corrosion is estimated by NACE to cost the global oil and gas industry $2.5 trillion annually, up to 20% of corrosion costs.  While Santos and other CSG producers only see a proportion of these large costs the MIC corrosion does have a heavy impact on the CSG industries production costs and resources.


The MIC team including co-ordinators and mechanical resources worked back-to-back facing a backlog of around 400 spool replacements as well as a tough high-level schedule to complete the full scope of work within a 12-month period. Where pipe thickness was below allowable minimum, including future corrosion allowance, new spools are being fabricated with the inclusion of the Glass Flake Epoxy lining. In late Sept 2021 a new six-person crew was engaged to replace vessels and full spool sets with completion due in mid-2022. The MIC spool crew will continue throughout 2022.



Surat Basin, Queensland

2021 - ongoing