Culture, Capability and Continuous Improvement

Upstream PS have been providing maintenance support services to clients across the Australian energy sector for more than 25 years, ensuring client facilities run reliably and at optimal cost. 

Our range of services include: 

  • Offshore & Onshore Asset Management and Maintenance Services 
  • Shutdown and Turnaround Management and Delivery 
  • Well Servicing and Wellsite Maintenance 
  • Instrument and Electrical services, Hazardous Areas and High Voltage Maintenance 
  • PSV Certification / Flange Management / Pressure Testing 

At Upstream PS continuous improvement is central to our maintenance philosophy. Following the key stages of Plan, Operate, Maintain and Optimise leads to positive outcomes for our clients and stakeholders with no surprises.

Upstream Production Solutions provides a range of Pressure Safety Valve (PSV) certification and maintenance capability services to over 5,000 wellsites, 20 production facilities and more than 25,000 PSV’s nationally.  We combine our commitment to safety, innovation, quality and risk management with our highly specialised expertise and impeccable track record of providing reliable, on time, on budget results to our loyal client base.

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