Making Operations Strategies a Reality

Upstream Production Solutions has experience in a full range of production facilities, from supporting early development of Australian oil and gas basins to being at the forefront of well optimisation and ground-breaking carbon sequestration delivery.  

We work seamlessly with organisations across all phases of the asset lifecycle, continually seeking solutions to deliver technical and commercial success.  

Our operations support services are focused on safely maximising profits for our clients by optimising production and minimising deferments while protecting long term asset integrity.  

Our comprehensive range of operations services include:  

  • Offshore and Onshore Operations Services 
  • HSSEQ, Risk and Emergency Management Services 
  • Registered Operator / Safety Case Management 
  • Flexible Operating Models 
  • Personnel Provision and Crewing Support

When we combine organisational alignment, lessons learned, our ISO certified systems, people and safety culture – we provide a solid foundation for success; and deliver on our promise of fully integrated production solutions.

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